Organic Vodka by Good for the Good.
Your heart burns for a better taste - and a better world?
MOLOTOVA sets the asphalt jungle on fire for you. MOLOTOVA - Organic Vodka by Good for the Good.
To make life's temporarily more bearable.
To act as an accelerant to fuel the beautiful moments of this life.
To offer a political alternative to your current fuel. And because there is no deposit on it, you can do whatever you want with the empty bottles.

Distilled by hand in Schwarzwald, based on 100% German organic wheat, and rejuvenated with pure spring water after final cold filtering. This is how MOLOTOVA Vodka is created with its convincingly pure mildness and the gentle mineral character of its spring water.

0.7l bottle of MOLOTOVA Vodka, which is not only vegan but also certified organic. The 40% water comes from Partisan and has always positioned itself 100% against any form of fascism.


700ml │ 40% Alk.


  • 2 cl MOLOTOVA Vodka
  • ½
  • ½
  • 1 Zitronenscheibe

Kaffee und Zucker vermengen und die Mische auf der Zitrone platzieren, den eiskalten MOLOTOVA Vodka eingießen und den Shot mit der Zitrone auf dem Glas servieren. Zuerst in die Zitronenscheibe beißen, alles aussaugen, in Gedanken drei Mal „deutsche Wohnen und Co. enteignen“ wünschen und dann die explosive Mischung mit dem Vodka löschen.